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Choosing the Right Pair of Professional Clippers

With so many hair clippers in the market, choosing the right pair of professional clippers can be an overwhelming endeavor. Regardless, having good tools is essential to providing the best hair service, and the clippers you use will play a big part in helping you achieve the desired hairstyles and looks for your customers. 

Here are three things to consider when deciding on a professional clipper for your barber and hairdressing needs:

1. Reliability

Invest in a hair clipper you can trust. Wahl has over 100 years of experience and expertise in making clippers for professional barbers and hairdressers around the globe. With Wahl, you can rest assured that the clippers you get are reliable and dependable, for all your professional needs.

2. Quality

Ensure that the clippers you get for professional use are of the highest quality. Things you should ask include:

  • Is the hair clipper innovatively designed to enhance professional performance?
  • Are the clippers from a brand that is trusted by other hair professionals?
  • Does the barber clipper you’re getting come with good quality guide combs and other accessories?

Wahl clippers have been reviewed by countless professional barbers and hairdressers across the world, and our long history of market leadership is testament to the quality of our clippers.

3. Suitability

Of course, the right hair clipper for you depends on your previous experience and your nuanced needs as a professional.

For example, barbers and hairdressers who require hair clippers for efficient bulk removal and tapering should get the Super Taper Cordless or Corded that supports hair pick-up and the scooping motion of your C-stroke. On the other hand, barbers and hairdressers in need of a pair of clippers for blending and texturising should look instead to the 5-Star Magic Clip Cordless for its unique stagger-tooth blade perfect for both blending and creating texture. 

But no matter your needs, Wahl has got you covered with our wide range of professional clippers — each model specifically engineered for barbers and hairdressers.

Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers

Generally, most professional barbers utilise a mix of both corded and cordless clippers to achieve the final results they want to deliver through their cuts. However, if you’re just getting started and only looking to get a single hair clipper to kickstart your barbering or hairdressing career, you should pick a professional clipper that best suits your needs.

Corded hair clippers’ strength lies in their ability to output continuous flows of power. Cordless barber clippers, on the other hand, grant extra manoeuvrability that can be useful for accuracy and detail. 

Decide on which type of clipper would be the best-fit for your working environment, and work your way up from there in terms of both your professional business and your array of business tools. Wahl offers a wide range of both cordless and corded clippers, so you won’t have to worry about finding what you need.

Why Barbers and Hairdressers Choose Wahl Clippers 

Wahl has been the global market leader in professional clippers since our invention of the world’s first practical electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919. At Wahl, we are committed to excellence and the culture of integrity, and have—for over 100 years—carried forward the tradition of innovation and superior product quality first created by Leo J. Wahl.  

With Wahl, you can trust that the clippers you use are of the best quality and design, such that you can reliably deliver on your services and promises as a well-equipped hair professional. 

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