Cordless Hair Trimmers

Cordless Hair Trimmers

Attain Freedom of Movement with Cordless Hair Trimmers

Free yourself from the hassle of having to work your movements around a cable with Wahl’s line of cordless hair trimmers. With added flexibility and manoeuvrability, professionals are empowered to reach otherwise-difficult areas with ease, and comfortably trim and shape hair at different angles — all without having to worry about obstruction or discomfort that can come from a traditional trimmer’s cord. 

Enjoy the unique versatility of Wahl cordless hair trimmers, and its utility in ensuring accuracy and detail in all your professional cuts — even on smaller areas such as the sideburns, around the ears, and the back of the neck.

Designed with Excellence in Mind

We understand the professional concerns surrounding the short time-limits often entailed by cordless hair trimmers. That is why we offer cordless trimmers that are built with lithium ion technology at Wahl Southeast Asia, to provide professionals with 75 - 100 minutes of run time off each full charge.

Wahl cordless hair trimmers are also made to enable easy handling, and leverages on the use of rotary motors to provide professionals with greater cutting speed — for powerful and durable operation to achieve the most excellent of results possible. 

Cordless Trimmer Buying Guide

Each of our cordless hair trimmers offers unique value, and neither can be said to be objectively better than the other. They each are made to excel in their own specific areas, while still performing satisfactorily in all others. Your decision on which cordless hair trimmer is best for you should thus depend on your own set of needs as an individual hair professional.  

For General Use

If you are looking for a cordless hair trimmer that is more lightweight and quiet, the Beret Cordless is the perfect trimmer for you. Boasting an ergonomic lightweight design, this pair of hair trimmer is made to be extremely easy to use. Its quick-detach chrome blade set is built for efficient precision-cutting for close trimming and outlining, while its rotary motor is carefully designed to be exceptionally quiet as opposed to other trimmers, making it a great pair of hair trimmer to use on kids. 

For Intricate Work

The Detailer Li Cordless, on the other hand, is the perfect pair of cordless hair trimmer for intricate hair detail work. Equipped with T-wide blades that offer adjustment to zero-overlap, the Detailer Li Cordless provides for super-close trimming and outlines, and the keen accuracy needed to masterfully deliver pristine detail work and hair tattoos.